Cleaning Checklist for Restaurants

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Restaurants receive many visitors throughout the year so it’s important the cleanliness is made a priority to run a successful, hygienic and safe environment for your customers. It can be daunting when considering all the tasks and roles involved to ensure that restaurant is classed as a regular cleaned public space. Using a restaurant cleaning checklist will give you a good start to keeping everything sparkly, hygienic and clean. 

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Managing multiple high-traffic areas that demand specific cleaning protocols - such as the bar, bathroom, dining room, and kitchen - can be challenging. To ensure that each area receives the appropriate cleaning treatment, it's incredibly beneficial to maintain a list to keep everything organised.

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Below are our top 5 cleaning categories, popular with our customers in the catering industry;

Bulk Fill Soap 

Dish & Glass Cleaner 

Hard Surface Cleaner 

Cloths & Sponges 

Dish Wash Detergent 

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