SYR Interchange Socket Blended Yarn Stayflat Kentucky Mop Head 454g/16oz (Colour Coded)

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Excl. Tax: £8.23 Incl. Tax: £9.88
Excl. Tax: £8.23 Incl. Tax: £9.88
Excl. Tax: £8.23 Incl. Tax: £9.88



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SYR Interchange Looped Cotton Kentucky Mop Heads are premium quality mopheads with unique SYRTEX looped fibre, for fast dirt pick-up and water release, whilst providing added strength and durability. Kentucky mopping allows large areas to be mopped in a fraction of the time it would with a regular mopping system. The SYR Freedom mops can last up to 8 times longer than a standard mop heads, and will not smell with rotting. The mops are fully launderable up to 120°c, making them ideal for use in schools, food factories, hospitals and nursing/ residential homes, as they help reduce the risk of cross contamination. Due to the extra long life of these mop heads, costs will be reduced overall in the long run.  

Features & Benefits
  • Premium quality mophead.
  • Unique SYRTEX looped fibre.
  • Fast dirt pick-up and water release.
  • Colour-coded band and socket.
  • Available in blue, green, red, white and yellow.
  • Launderable up to 300 times.
  • 454g (16oz) in size.
  • Sold individually.
Product Info 
  • Colour: Various.
  • Size: 16oz.
  • Weight: 0.54000kg.
  • L: 460mm.
  • W: 245mm.
  • H: 50mm.
  • Product Recyclable: Yes.
  • Materials Made From: Cotton; Polyester; Polypropylene; Steel.
  • Country of Origin: China.
Compatible Mop Handle 
  • MOP115 SYR Aluminium Interchange Freedom Mop Handle Colour Coded (view) 
syr interchange mop handle

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Additional Information

Description SYR Interchange Socket Blended Yarn Stayflat Kentucky Mop Head 454g/16oz (Colour Coded)
Brand SYR Clean