Prochem B125 Clensan 5ltr

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Prochem B125 Clensan 5ltr



Prochem LogoProchem Clensan is a concentrated bactericidal sanitiser and deodoriser, specially formulated for use on carpets and fabrics. Clensan's new biocidal formula is approved to EB1276 for direct spray treatment and is effective against a wide range of harmful organisms including bacteria, fungi, yeast, moulds, mildew, and viruses.

Features & Benefits
  • Sanitiser and deodoriser concentrate.

  • For use on moulds, mildew, food, bacteria and pet odours.

  • For use on carpets and fabrics.

  • Contains a pH of 7.

  • Sold individually.

  • Full case pack size - 4 x 5ltrs.  

How to Use Prochem Clensan

Always pretest carpet or fabric for colour fastness and texture change before proceeding.

Cleaning and sanitising: Add 15ml Prochem Clensan per 1 lire (1 to 66) of ready-to-use Prochem Crystal Green of Prochem Fibre and Fabric Rinse in the extraction machine solution tank and clean as normal. Important - do not mix Prochem Clensan with cleaning agents other than Prochem Crystal Green or Prochem Fibre and Fabric Rinse.

Direct spray treatment: Dilute 30ml Prochem Clensan per 1 litre of water (1 to 33) and apply by spray applicator directly onto affected areas. Allow 5 minutes contact time, then extraction rinse with Prochem Fibre and Fabric rinse solution. For gross contamination, dilute 100ml Prochem Clensan with 1 litre of water (1 to 10) and allow 15 minutes contact time before rinsing. Heavily soiled carpets and fabrics should be extraction cleaned before treatment. Prochem Clensan should be extraction rinsed after direct spray treatment.

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Description Prochem B125 Clensan 5ltr
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