Why is Cleaning your Carpet Important for your Health?

 Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your environment clean and tidy is important, whether it is at home or in your place of work. When it comes to your wellbeing and even avoiding safety hazards, there are many areas of your house or office that require a proper clean every now and again.

Here at System Hygiene we strive to advise you on the best way to keep your environment as clean as it can be, as well as offering an extensive range of products to help you clean.

The carpet may be something that you don’t clean as often as you should; we all regularly vacuum, but when was the last time you gave your carpet a deep clean? There are many reasons why you should, as an unhygienic carpet could cause a variety of problems.

Prevent your carpets from harming your health

Even though you can’t see it, your carpets can attract allergens as well as spread bacteria. This exposes you and your family to pollutants as well as harbouring general dirt and grime. How often does someone walk across your carpet in shoes they have been wearing outside?

This could bring in a multitude of bacteria. Cleaning your carpet is particularly important if you have young children, pets or someone in the home has allergies.

Cleaning your carpet can also prevent mould formation; carpet can often be a good breeding ground for mould or other similar substances due to the warmth of the carpet. Using a good quality carpet cleaner can eliminate the possibility of this happening.

Improve the smell of your carpet

It may not be something you notice very much, but if you neglect to regularly clean your carpet you may run the risk of your carpet developing an unpleasant smell. This would be down to general dirt, fur, crumbs or other soiling; particularly prevalent at home if you have young children perhaps.

Using carpet shampoos can ensure your carpet remains fresh and hygienic for everyone in your home or workplace.

Improve the overall look of your carpet

Carpets can be an expensive investment; if you have a large office that requires carpeting, it could cost quite a lot. With this in mind, properly cleaning your carpet can help protect its condition. While vacuuming is incredibly helpful in removing some dirt and debris, you should aim to use a carpet cleaner every now and then.

Using carpet cleaner can ensure the risk of permanent stains are reduced. Treating stains quickly and properly can help in retaining the original condition of your carpet.

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