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Top 5 Products to Keep Your Floors in Top Condition 

Cleaning your floors and ensuring they remain hygienic and in top condition is incredibly important; with the amount of people who walk across your office daily, they could get dirty very quickly. Furthermore, you might not always see how dirty they are getting, especially if you have dark coloured flooring or dark carpet.

It might not be your favourite job but here at System Hygiene we have all the right products to ensure the process is a lot easier! Here are our top 5 products that you’ll want to be stocked up on when it comes to keeping your floors clean and hygienic.  

Decent quality brushes

There are a variety of brushes for different purposes but they do the job well. Whether you are looking for something to mop with, or you need a floor scraper to remove stubborn bits of dirt or even food, you should be able to restore the condition of your floors easily with our range.

Wipe, dry and scrub your floors effectively with a whole range of brushes and handles; you never know when you might need them!

Effective floor cleaner

Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces such as vinyl, marble and sealed wood, floor cleaner can rapidly remove different kinds of dirt. With the ability to remove soiling without affecting the finish of the flooring that you have, floor cleaning products are ideal for regular cleaning.

With many floor cleaners able to clean and deodorise at the same time, they leave a pleasant fragrance once cleaned.

Glossy floor polish

Once your floors are in top condition once again, floor polish is the solution to ensuring a glossy shine with a durable finish. Perfect for making your floors look new again, they can even provide a slip resistant and scuff mark resistant finish to ensure your floors are easier to maintain.

Hard wearing and economical, they are great for heavy traffic areas and can provide protection for your flooring.

Powerful vacuum cleaners

Of course, one of the simplest products to own if you’re looking to maintain the cleanliness of your floors is a vacuum cleaner. Easy to use and providing great performance, their ergonomical design mean you can keep on top of how clean your floors are.

No office is complete without a high quality vacuum cleaner to ensure your workspace gets a regular clean.

Efficient floor cleaning machines

If you work in an environment where you have a large area of flooring to clean on a regular basis, it could be worth investing in a floor cleaning machine. This could be an effective solution if you want to be able to clean your floors quickly and easily; thanks to their various features, you will be able to scrub, buffer and clean your floors to restore a high level of hygiene.

If you’re looking to add to your stock of cleaning products, take a look around our website or contact us on 01282 777999 to see how we can help you.