3 Ways To Keep Your Oven Clean

Cleaning your oven often seems like one challenge that many people tend to put off until the task itself becomes even harder to undertake, with burnt on food, grease, grime and stubborn stains becoming a challenge to remove. Here at System Hygiene, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve that you can use to keep your oven clean!

Oven Cleaning 

Wipe Down At The End Of Each Use

After each use of your oven, whatever you are cooking you should check the area for any spills of food that might have occurred. It will be much easier to remove these stains before they become burnt on in the long term, and wiping it down will help ensure that your oven is kept clean. This will help to ensure that when you come to do a deep clean of your oven that it will be easier to do.

Top tip: Cover your baking trays and grill with tinfoil to stop food from getting burnt on and damaging the oven.

Use A Specialist Cleaner

Without a specialist oven cleaner, you may struggle to remove all of the grease and stuck on food that has accumulated in the oven. As it is a food preparation area, you should also be aware of what chemicals are being used in the oven. We stock a wide range of oven cleaning chemicals, perfect for all use, including industrial ovens, hobs and your standard home ovens too.

Don’t Forget The Door

The one place on the oven that people most often neglect, and forget to keep on top of when they are undertaking a deep clean of the oven, but it’s the one area that will make your oven appear dirtier than it is inside. Wipe down the glass on the outside to ensure you can visibly see your food through the door.

Shop System Hygiene’s range of oven cleaning supplies today and give your oven a deep clean!