Aerosol Line Marking Paint Machine

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Aerosol Line Marking Paint Machine



Aerosol Linemarking Paint Machines are an effective, clear and quick method of marking lines within factories, warehouses, car parks, playgrounds, sports halls, playing fields and golf courses. The paint used with the machine are extremely economical leaving no waste and are quick drying, tough and durable, easy to use and most importantly are CFC free. The machines themselves come with four large fixed rubberised wheels and an easy application trigger release for the paint mounted on the handle. The machine also features a varying width lever to adjust the width of the lines to be painted, ranging from 50mm to 80mm in width.

Features & Benefits
  • Ideal for use on playgrounds, playing fields and within sports halls.

  • Extremely robust, heavyweight, construction. 

  • Line marking paint available in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black and White.

  • Sold individually.

How to Use The Line Marking Paint Machine

Prime a can of linemarking paint by first shaking the can vigorously and then manually spraying to allow the flow to begin unintterupted. Attach the desired can of linemarking paint to the machine, threading it into the spray hole. Set the machine to the required spray width using the lever located to the side of the machine. You may now begin linemarking, by moving the machine to the required area and engaging the spray by pressing together the lever located on the handle. Slowly move the machine in the direction you require the line to run in, releasing the spray lever when you require the flow to stop.  

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Description Aerosol Line Marking Paint Machine
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