Algon Path and Patio Cleaner Concentrate 2.5Ltr

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Algon helps restore the natural colour of virtually any outdoor surface the organic way. No scrubbing or rinsing required. Algon is simply applied to any outdoor surface and will kill and clean any mildew, mould or green growth. Algon is an environmentally friendly product and is available in 3 different sizes. This is the 2.5ltr concentrated version - simply dilute 1 part Algon to 3 parts water. Algon will start to clear surfaces within a week and stays active so the surface will stay clean for upto a year. 

Surfaces this product can be used on include...

Tarmac driveways, patio flags, decking, conservatories (glass or plastic) slate & felt roofs, walls (painted or un painted)

Wood and Concrete fencing, stone walls, garden sheds, greenhouses, statues, plant pots, pebbles, garden furniture, canopies and fabrics.

Algon can also be used on water features, bird baths and ponds. *A small amount entering pond water will not harm fish or plant life; however, care should be taken to keep run-off to a minimum when working around ponds.

Algon is also suitable to use in kennels, stables, farmyards, all weather tennis courts, astroturf pitches, car parks, hard play areas and car parks!

Features & Benefits
  • Can be used on virtually any surface.
  • No scrubbing or rinsing required. 
  • Results lasts upto a year.
  • Has a pH of 1.
  • Sold individually.
  • Available in 3 sizes.

How to Use Algon Path and Patio Cleaner

Algon may be used any time of the year.  Best results are achieved when Algon is applied to a dry surface when rain is not expected.  If using the concentrated solution, simply dilute 1 part of Algon to 3 parts water.

Apply with either a garden sprayer on droplet setting, soft broom or paintbrush, wetting the surface evenly.  A watering can may also be used, but this can be wasteful.  There is no need to rinse off later.  Simply apply and walk away.  Results will start to show within a few days as the applied surface begins to regain its natural colour.  The results will last approximately 1 year, however this does depend on the absorbency of the material being treated, its location and the weather conditions. 

Excess wetting or puddling may result in small white patches of white residue foaming, this is harmless and will weather away.  Non-metallic implements are recommended for application purposes; rinse implements after use.

Algon will not affect any type of paint or stain.  Wait for the surface to clear and proceed as paint manufacturer`s recommendations.


2.5ltr container - 60m2

20ltr drum - 480m2

5ltr (ready to use) 50m2


Although Algon is very safe to use, there are some surfaces on which we do not recommend the use of Algon.  These include Marble, Unfinished Zinc and iron / steel surfaces.

Algon will have a scorching effect on foliage and grass where it makes contact. This will not effect the rest of the plant, and roots will not suffer from incidental run-off during application.

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Description Algon Path and Patio Cleaner Concentrate 2.5Ltr
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