60x90cm (2x3') Vinyl Loop Scraper Mat

Product Code: MAT060

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Excl. Tax: £34.77 Incl. Tax: £41.72
Brown/ Beige
Excl. Tax: £34.77 Incl. Tax: £41.72
Excl. Tax: £34.77 Incl. Tax: £41.72
Excl. Tax: £34.77 Incl. Tax: £41.72
Excl. Tax: £34.77 Incl. Tax: £41.72
Red/ Black
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The Loop Scraper Mat is ideal for use in extreme weather conditions. The vinyl loops help clean footwear to ensure floors are clean and dry and the vinyl slip resistant base is ideal for use on hard floors, inside or out. Easily cleaned by shaking or hosing off. This mat is available in 7 colours as standard but special colours can be sourced. The mat is available in 5 differing sizes.

Features & Benefits
  • Vinyl loops provide aggressive cleaning action for medium / heavy traffic.
  • Slip resistant vinyl base, ideal for use on hard floors, inside or out.
  • Can be used in extreme weather conditions.
  • Easily cleaned by shaking or hosing off.
  • Overall height 7mm.
  • Sold individually.

Technical Information

Slip resistant: Great slip resistant to level 2
Wear resistant: Great wear resistance to level 2, suitable for medium to high footfall
Water absorbent: Good water absorbency to level 1
Crush resistant:Great crush resistance to level 2
Soil resistant: Great resistance to soiling and stains to level 2
Disability friendly: Yes, the low profile makes it suitable for wheelchair users
Dry area: Yes
Wet area: Yes
Wheeled area: Yes, the low profile allows easy access for light weight wheeled traffic
Environment: Suitable for indoor and outside use
  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restrictions of Chemicals)
  • Contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing the need to use cleaning chemicals
Cleaning: Simply shake to remove dirt, or hose down

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Additional Information

Description 60x90cm (2x3') Vinyl Loop Scraper Mat
Brand System Hygiene