Vitax Nippon Rat Bait Station

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Vitax Nippon Rat Bait Station



Vitax Nippon Rat Bait Station is a clean, simple and safe way to lay down bait. The tamper resistant station is equipped with access points suitable for rats, and the bait, which is designed to attract these vermin, is placed inside the station.

For best results the stations should be placed either indoors or out, where there are signs of rodent activity, such as fresh droppings, or near burrows, runs or feeding places if they are known.

The clear lid of the station allows easy monitoring of the bait. Check daily. If the bait is undisturbed, the station needs to be relocated. Where bait has been taken, it should be replenished and the station replaced in the same position.

While access to the station is not possible for domestic pets, it is as well to protect them from non-target animals. They should also be protected from water. Rats do not die in the bait station, but take the bait back to their nests. Bodies are rarely seen.

Bait for the stations is available separately.

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  • A full range of Vitax Nippon pest control systems are available from stock.
  • Sold individually.

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Description Vitax Nippon Rat Bait Station
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