Taurus Heavy Duty 50kg Capacity Rock Salt Drop Spreader

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Taurus Heavy Duty Rock Salt Drop Spreader



The Taurus Rock Salt Drop Spreader allows the quick de-icing of walkways, paths and pavements with ease, whilst being efficient with the product and being extremely accurate with its distribution. The drop spreader comes with a large, corrosion resistant, hopper which holds up to 50kg of product, this is dispensed from the bottom of the hopper using the flow control brake. The salt or grit is dropped directly below the spreader ensuring no product is accidently thrown onto vehicles, buildings or people as could happen with the spinner type salt spreaders.
Features & Benefits
  • Large areas of ground are covered with the minimal of effort.

  • Large, heavy duty, corrosion resistant hopper.

  • Exact product distribution and accuracy. 0.6 metre spread range.

  • Variable flow control, on handle, allowing total product control.
  • Large pneumatic tyres for precision control and movement.
  • For use with all rocks salts, synthetic de-icers and grits.

How to Use Taurus Rock Salt Drop Spreader

Before filling the hopper with salt or similar product, ensure the variable flow is set at closed. This will ensure no product is lost during the filling stage. Now manoeuvre the spreader to the desired location, such as the car park or pathway, and release the brake to allow the de-icer to begin being dispensed, pushing the spreader will allow the product to be dropped in a straight line. Continue until the whole of the desired area is covered in rock salt.

Once finished with, ensure the hopper, body and wheels are fully cleaned from any residual salt which may damage or corrode the machine is left over a period of time.

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Additional Information

Description Taurus Heavy Duty 50kg Capacity Rock Salt Drop Spreader
Vat Exempt No
Brand Peacock Salt