Taski Combimat 4000B XFC Battery Powered Compact Scrubber Dryer

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Taski Combimat 4000B XFC Battery Powered Compact Scrubber Dryer



Taski LogoThe JohnsonDiversey Taski Swingo 4000 large ride-on automatic scrubber drier fetures unmatched productivity. The machine uses a patented CSD system that ensures that always the right amount of cleaning solution is on the floor, leading to significant water savings. These, in combination with the large 200ltr tanks and a high cleaning speed of 7.5km/h radically increases productivity and reduces the number of time-consuming tank filling stops. The unique all wheel steering makes the machine very agile and easy to manoeuvre in congested areas.

The new and patented W-shaped squeegee follows the floor profile and allows perfect water pick-upeven in curves, while turning and on uneven or structured floors. Special squeegee blades and a direct solution line allow pick-up of small debris without clogging. Thsi results in both exceptional cleaning and immediate drying results, and hence a consistently high and improved floor appearance.

Engineered for durability and hard cleaning tasks, The Taski Swingo 4000 is constructed with a high tech material and long life components that increase machine uptime and recuce repair cost. All components which need frequent maintenance are colour coded in yellow and can be removed easily without tools. these features allow trouble-free operation with a minimum of operator training needed and enhance the machine's uptime.

The low enterance, and adjustable seat with high seatback and a new accelerator pedal allows a safe and ergonomic operation. A good overview while cleaning and an excellent squeegee defelection allow the operator to clean close to along walls and around obstacles. The special ECO mode reduces noise and allows day time cleaning even in noise sensitive areas.

The machine uses Taski BMS (Battery Management System) with an optional on-board charger that prevents deep discharging of the battery and monitors the charging process. It is available for up to 240 Ah gel battery.

Features & Bennefits

  • Powerful cleaning and drying results.
  • Total reliability.
  • Intelligence.  
  • Unmatched productivity.
  • Sold individually.


Theoretical Perfromance                       6,375 m²/h                             
Working Width 85cm
Squeegee Width 110cm
Solution Tank (Bag System) 200ltr
Recovery Tank (Bag System) 200ltr
Rated Voltage 24v
Nominal Consumption 2,000w
Battery Capacity 240 360 Ah/CS
Battery Run Time 4.5 hours
Cleaning Speed 7.5 km/h
Sound Level  67 dB(A)
Turning Circle 2m
Approvals CE/CB Test Certificate

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Description Taski Combimat 4000B XFC Battery Powered Compact Scrubber Dryer
Brand Taski