SPP-100 Magic Ice Melt De-Icer 10kg Sack

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SPP-100 Magic Ice Melt De-Icer 10kg Sack



Magic Ice Melt SPP-100 is the most complete de-icer offered by the Magic range. Combining the benefits of a blend of materials it cuts quickly through ice from both the top down and the bottom up. Effective to -25°C, SPP-100 de-ices on contact and will retain its ability to de-ice for 36 hours. The safety tread feature provides grip underfoot and ensures the product is visible on the ground for long after application. 

This 10kg sack can be used to refill the smaller 3kg dispenser if required. 


The bags are waterproof and can be stored outside if necessary. Once opened bags must be well sealed after use. 

Safe for Children and Animals

Magic Ice Melt is completely non toxic to humans and animals and will not irritate the skin.

Usage Tips

To remove thin ice < 3mm and light snow, or to prevent ice forming / light snow settling, apply product sparingly, at approximately one bag per 1000m² .

To remove ice > 3mm, apply one bag 500m².  The flakes will melt from the top down while the white granules will bore down under the ice and work from underneath, breaking the bond between the ice and the ground.

Deep snow should be brushed away before application. If this is not possible then application of product may provide some grip underfoot if the snow is already compacted. 

If heavy rainfall occurs the product will wash away and require reapplication.

Exceptional Coverage

50 - 100 m² per kg depending on conditions.


Opening the Magic Ice Melt dispenser to setting 3 will dispense enough product to cover 50m² per kg when applied at a slow / steady walking pace.  Greater coverage can be achieved by walking at a faster pace or by adjusting the dispenser to setting 2 - 2½.

Features & Benefits
  • Instant and Long Lasting Melt Action - de-ices on contact and retains ability to de-ice for up to 36 hours.

  • Dual Action Melt to -25°C - cuts through ice from both top down and bottom up.

  • Clearly Visible on Ground - contrasting colour mix ensures product is clearly visible on the ground in all conditions.

  • Safety Tread Feature - Naturally forming rock granules give grip underfoot.

  • Adheres to Platform Surface - is not blown away by passing trains.

  • Meets Network Rail Corrosion Standards - three times less corrosive than rock salt.

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Description SPP-100 Magic Ice Melt De-Icer 10kg Sack
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