Solucaps Bathroom Cleaner - 20 Doses

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The Soludoz Bathroom Cleaner has been developed for regular cleaning of all surfaces in the washroom and bathroom environment.  Will remove soap scum and prevent limescale from building up and leaves a pleasant perfume.

Our innovative range of Solucap cleaning chemicals use water-soluble sachets and simple colour coded packaging for use with trigger-sprays. Storage space is kept to a minimum, distribution is made easier and the trigger spray bottle can be reused so reducing waste.

Simply drop one sachet into a trigger-spray of water and it will dissolve completely, ready to use, no mess, no fuss.

Each tub contains 20 capsules - that's 14 litres of chemical per every tub.

Features & Benefits
  • Costs are reduced due to less storage space needed.
  • 1 Solucap makes 700ml of ready to use product, representing less volume compared to stardard triggers.
  • Distribution made easier.
  • Simple colour coded packaging.
  • Dissolves completely from a solid capsule inside the trigger spray.
  • Spray directly onto the surface.
  • 700ml trigger spray light and ease to use.
  • Simple- each dose corresponds to the exact amount of powder needed for any use - 1 dose for a spray containing 700ml of water.
  • More Economical- reduce storage space and transport costs.  A much more concentrated solution than 5 litre containers.  1 box of Solucaps takes up 11 times less than normal sprays.
  • Faster- easy to transport between areas.  Products are concentrated, so lighter for the user to transport.  20 doses in one tub with labels.
  • More Practical- works instantly.  Add one trigger capsule to the filled trigger spray, and shake; the solution is ready to be sprayed directly onto the surface to be treated.
  • Safer- eliminates the risk of over dosage, avoiding damaging your floors and surfaces thus prolonging their life.  In spray form, product description and pictogram showing the instructions for use.
  • Kinder to the Environment - No harmful waste: the sachet dissolves completely, thanks to its composition (polyvinyl alcohol.)  Trigger spray can be reused many times.

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Description Solucaps Bathroom Cleaner - 20 Doses
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