Winter Janitorial Supplies Every Office Needs!


At this time of year, it’s important to keep your office stocked with janitorial supplies that will be able to help you in case of an emergency; the weather in winter in the UK can be very unpredictable, therefore it’s important to be well prepared. Your office will need to be prepared for the colder weather in the same way as your home or car would, but different products will be necessary.

Here at System Hygiene, we stock everything you need to ensure you are well stocked with janitorial supplies this winter, keep reading for more information.


Snow Shovel

A snow shovel can be hugely beneficial to those in an office or business environment, having the ability to clear pathways, car parks and the front of building of any snow that has fallen will immediately improve the safety of the surrounding area. If we experience extremely cold conditions, snow can easily melt, become hard and turn to dangerous ice, this could cause accidents to happen. We have a range of snow shovels to suit different requirements, take a look at our range here.

Snow Scooper

Rock Salt/ Grit

Having a supply of rock salt or grit can help to ensure that your pathways remain clear of any snow and ice that could cause a dangerous environment for your clients and staff to walk and drive across.

We also stock a huge range of sprayers, spreaders and spinners that will make it easy for you to keep on top of the outside of your building over winter.

 Rock Salt Grit Bin

Floor Cleaning Products

In adverse weather conditions your employees and clients might end up bringing in some of the weather when it is wet outside, which could lead to the flooring by the door to your business to be damaged. Ensure you keep on top of cleaning the floor with our range of floor cleaning products.


Window Cleaning Products

Condensation and the cold can cause problems for your windows, it’s important to maintain them regularly throughout the year to ensure there is no heat escaping through it causing your bills to rise. Take a look at our range of window cleaning products to help you keep on top of your winter maintenance.