Washrooms with System Hygiene and Tork

Washroom Dispensers Are Hygiene Essentials

Poor hygiene in the workplace can lead to a large number of employees having to take time off due to illness. According to the
Office of National Statistics, 137 million days were lost due to sickness across the UK in 2013, with 27 million of these due to coughs and colds.

Here at System Hygiene, our priority is to ensure your place of work maintains a high level of cleanliness at all times. Hygiene can greatly affect your health and wellbeing, so it is something important to consider.

Good hygiene accounts for many things, one of which is first impressions to outsiders. Whether it is a prospective customer or a client coming in for a meeting, they are likely to notice how clean your environment is. It only takes small steps to improve your office and other facilities, but it should be high on your list of priorities.

Washing your hands properly

We all know the importance of washing your hands and the risks of what can happen if you don’t do it properly. Avoiding cross contamination and preventing the spreading of germs can be done best by proper washing of hands throughout the day.

Bacteria is spread very easily via your hands; think of how many items or surfaces you touch during a normal working day. Industries such as hospitals, GP surgeries and food manufacturing in particular should be making sure they have proper hand washing facilities available at all times.

Soap and sanitiser dispensers

Having the correct soap and sanitiser dispensers can be crucial in protecting your staff or others who may pass through your office. Various industries may have different requirements but thanks to our washroom dispensers, you can choose what best suits your company. Whether you choose a washroom dispenser with a push front or an automatic feature, they should be reliable and constantly topped up.

We repeatedly touch keyboards, telephones and desk surfaces on a daily basis, and when we leave our desk and touch other items or surfaces, bacteria is brought back to our workspace. This is an endless cycle, unless you are taking the proper measurements to maintain a high hygiene level such as washing your hands or keeping them sanitised.

Providing your staff with the right hygiene products at all times will encourage them to take action in keeping their desk or communal areas clean. The result of this could include driving down the amount of absentees per year, as well as preventing any other losses that could occur.

To stock up on soap and sanitiser dispensers for your office, take a look at our website and choose from our huge variety of hygiene products.

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