Top Cleaning Products For Households


As one of the UK’s leading cleaning product suppliers, we like to think we know about cleaning and what you need to do an effective job around your house! Did you know on average each of us spends around two years of our life just completing housework? That’s a little bit of a daunting thought, but when it comes to making your housework a little easier, here at System Hygiene we have just the solution.

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Keep reading for some of the top cleaning products for your household!



Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, the hub of quite a lot of activity but it is also one of the areas where the most germs can accumulate. It’s important to understand the requirement to wipe down any areas that food is being prepped in, as germs can be easily spread, which if left unclean could lead to food poisoning and other illnesses.

 Dettol Surface Cleaner


A multi-purpose spray is the perfect solution for your kitchen, the Dettol anti-bacterial surface spray cleaner works to kill 99.9% of bacteria, and it’s safe to use in your kitchen!


We recently brought you information on the best cleaning products for your oven, which you can find here, to ensure all of the areas where you are preparing and cooking food remain clean for your use!


Living Room

In your living room the most important thing is to remove dust from your appliances, including the TV and any surfaces. A quality furniture polish is the perfect item for any coffee tables and TV cabinets to keep it looking its best and free of marks, whilst to keep your TV and other electricals clean you will need a specialist cleaner that will not damage any of the products, you can find more information about these here.



Having an anti-bacterial hand wash available in your bathroom to ensure you limit the spread of germs is important in any household. As well as this specific bathroom cleaners including bleach and those that will work to reduce lime scale, as well as a products that will work to clear your sink and plugs of any residue that might limit the flow of water through the plumbing.


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