Top 5 Bathroom Cleaning Products

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to make reasonable efforts to provide clean toilet facilities within the workplace. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations Act 1992 states these facilities much be adequate, clean and easy to maintain, so when it comes to cleaning these facilities it is important to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Here are our top 5 bathroom cleaning products to get you started:

Mop and Bucket

Good cleaning shouldn’t just be confined to picking the best cleaning products for the job; you need the right tools in the first place. As the saying goes a worker is only as good as their tools, so make sure that you invest in good mops and buckets to help. Buckets with wheels and wringers are arguably the best ones to pick as they allow for full buckets to be moved about with ease.

Toilet Cleaner

One of the most important tools in your cleaning arsenal is a good toilet cleaner. Not only will this help to disinfect the toilet but it should also help to clear away blockages and clean the toilet of any stubborn stains as well. Don’t forget it is important to make sure you use these products in a well-ventilated area due to the chemical content.

Floor Cleaner

Floors can pick up more than their fair share of dirt and germs so look for a good floor cleaner. As the floor can be a large area and you will want to clean it on a regular basis it is worth looking for a product that comes in larger containers as this will work out more cost effective in the long run. A good floor cleaner should be able to remove accumulated dirt quickly and with ease leaving you with a clean floor.

Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom cleaner plays a very different role to the other cleaners we have mentioned and should form an important part of the workplace toilet cleaning kit. This will be invaluable for cleaning the sinks and around the taps. It can also be used to wipe down tile work, a job that is often forgotten about but no less important than any other cleaning task.

Urinal Blocks

Last but by no means the least Urinal blocks are an absolute must have item for the men’s toilets in your workplace. You will need a good supply of these as they will need replacing once they have dissolved. A good urinal block will work by masking the odour or urine and keeping any unpleasant odours to an absolute minimum.

Once you’ve stocked up on all the essentials above, you’ll have bathrooms you’ll be happy for clients to use – giving them a great impression of your business, and your attention to detail.

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