Three Easy Tips for Unblocking Your Drain   


 Unblocking Drain


If your drain is starting to get blocked, or is already completely clogged up it can often be difficult to get the water flowing again; at System Hygiene, we understand that it can be quite frustrating to experience slow running water out of your sink, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom sink or your shower!

Not only is it frustrating to experience slow running water because of a clogged drain, but the odours that can build up can be quite nasty too. Here, we run through a few quick tips to keep your drains unblocked:


tick Clean It Out Regularly

Depending on which sink it is that you’re focusing on will obviously determine what kind of blockage you will experience; for baths and showers, most commonly it is hair that will cause a blockage and slow down the drainage of water. Whilst in the kitchen it will be left over scraps of food that causes problems.


One of the best things you can do to prevent this from happening is simply cleaning it out regularly, a great idea is to use a wire (a clothes hanger bent out of shape is a great solution for this) to simply drag out anything that you might be able to visibly see that is causing the slow-down of water draining.


tick Install Drain Guards

It’s important to keep an eye on what is being put into your sink, this is especially important in the kitchen as certain food items can get blocked easily, and cause bacteria to grow making odours more prevalent in the future.


Purchasing a drain guard will allow you to catch debris as the water is draining to ensure that you are not letting anything fall down the drain that could cause a blockage!


tick Invest in a Quality Drain Unblocker

At System Hygiene, we have a range of specialist drain unblocker products that are ideal to get your water flowing smoothly again. Many of these products can be used as a preventative measure once a month to regularly maintain the drains and ensure they are not blocking, or can be used as a final solution to dissolve any items that might have accumulated down there. 


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