One of the most recent studies on germs in the workplace came courtesy of the University of Arizona. Researchers put a virus that was harmless, but had properties similar to cold and stomach flu viruses, on the front door to a company where 80 people worked. Within two hours the virus had landed on the coffee pot, microwave buttons and fridge door handle. By the time four hours had passed the virus had spread to the toilets and desks, as well as the hands of half the staff.

There's little that can be done to stop people with viruses coming into the office; some arrive for work feeling sick but determined to carry on, while others have yet to realise they've caught a bug. So a regular scrub of the whole building is obviously important. But to maximise hygiene, and therefore help minimise the rate of infection, it's wise to introduce additional targeted cleaning.

The areas that need to be tackled most frequently and thoroughly are the surfaces that people touch the most. Keyboards are one of the biggest incubators for germs; they will often be harbouring 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Telephones and computer mice are also major problem areas. It’s thought that if your workstation is not cleaned then the growth rate for bacteria will be between 19 and 31 per cent a day.

Some other incredibly common germ hotspots include taps, lift buttons, microwave buttons, door handles, vending machine buttons, water cooler buttons, stairway rails, light switches and hand dryers.

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