The Importance of Janitorial Supplies in Hospitals

 Hospital Cleaning


Infection prevention in hospitals is more important than in any other environment, around 3,000 patients develop an infection in England each year while being treated by the NHS with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) stating that more should be done to prevent this. Here, we look at the importance of janitorial supplies in hospitals to aid the prevention of germs in an environment where it could be extremely costly to the organisation, as well as affecting the health of those visiting hospital to either see their loved ones, or get treatment themselves. Hindering the recovery that patients may be going through and ultimately meaning that the NHS will be spending further money and spending time on a problem that could be prevented.


With the exposure of clinical and medical waste, food preparation in the canteens, general waste and higher risk contamination areas, it’s important to ensure janitorial supplies remain well stocked. Hospitals use colour coding to ensure that the correct cleaning products are present throughout different areas, helping to prevent cross contamination and helping to stop the spread of germs, including MRSA.


Colour Coding in Hospitals

While there is currently no single colour code in use across the UK’s NHS service, the British institute of Cleaning Science is credited with developing a “universal” colour code for the cleaning industry, which was implemented in the late ‘90s.


Colour coding works in the following way:

 Colour Coded Cleaning Chart

It’s important for hospitals to understand the dangers that come with the risk of spreading germs, using different cleaning products, especially those including the cloths, sponges and mops that are used. As well as this, there are certain chemicals that are suited to clinical areas, as well as bins and waste management services that are specially designed to deal with medical waste. Ensuring these are in use around a hospital environment, making staff aware of the different uses of each is the first step in preventing the spread of germs in a hospital environment.


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