The Benefits of Cleaning with Microfibre Cloths 

Microfibre is a development in cleaning technology that has transformed the way people carry out their cleaning tasks. Bringing benefits to your cleaning process across a range of different tasks, it’s an ideal solution for effective cleaning. But why is it such a good product to use in your cleaning efforts?

What is microfibre?

Microfibre is essentially a blend of polyester and polyamide fibres. They are incredibly thinner than the thickness of a human hair and are woven together to create a net-like construction. Spaces between the fibres are created to help trap the dirt.

Nylon in the fibres produce a static charge to attract and hold on to the dirt; a normal fibre in your cleaning material would simply push around the dirt instead of actively getting rid of it.

Microfibre cleaning technology has been popular for some time now and can be a very important part of your cleaning process. The benefits go beyond better cleaning, but here at System Hygiene we’ve listed just a few of them!

How do microfibre cloths benefit your cleaning efforts?

Essentially, using a microfibre cloth will cut down on time consuming cleaning tasks. Thanks to their effective method of picking up dirt, moisture and bacteria, it is easier to clean surfaces or other items. Easy to use and lightweight, microfibre cloths are a productive alternative to traditional cleaning techniques.

Available in colour coded options, they are a great way to avoid cross contamination and promote a hygienic and clean environment in your home or place of work. Due to the nature of picking up dirt as opposed to pushing it, microfibre cloths can protect your surfaces and prevent any scratching. This makes this type of product perfect for cleaning glasses or even vehicles.

Microfibre provides an environmentally friendly way of cleaning. They don’t require cleaning chemicals to get the job done. Cloths of this kind are also incredibly absorbent, soaking up to 7 times its weight in moisture; this could save you money on buying multiple cloths that are less effective.

Available in various forms, including cloths, mop heads and pads for window cleaning, isn’t it time you switched to microfibre cleaning? For all your high quality cleaning products, browse through our collection today!