Stock Your Cupboards Ready For 2017

Although 2017 is well underway you might still be struggling to get back into a routine and especially a routine of keeping everything clean.

This is hard to do after Christmas when everyone has a full house, different events on and a million things going on at once.

This means it is time to finally get yourself set up for 2017 with all the cleaning products your cupboards are just crying out for.

Here are System Hygiene’s must have cleaning products for 2017:

Something For The Windows

Although they are sometimes the last thing on the to-do list the windows on your home, your office, the hospital or wherever else you have your cleaning products are the first thing visitors will notice. If they are covered in stains, smears and dirt then it can leave a lasting bad impression.

You can use a Cleano Pole Window Cleaner with any brand of window cleaner from System Hygiene and have sparkling windows in no time. No more streaky windows and bad impressions.

This doesn’t have to be done every day but running over your windows with window cleaner and this tool will help to keep them clean for longer.

Don’t Forget About The Carpet

If you always have visitors or have a large number of staff then you might notice that your carpet tends to easily show dirt. This is easy to solve using the right carpet cleaner.

However, for extra tough stains you can opt for a chewing gum carpet brush that will help to loosen anything that does not come away on its own. This is a must have for any cupboard in 2017 when you need to cover all possibilities of which stains you will have to deal with.

A Product For Those Tough Stains

For tough stains on surfaces, cupboard doors, laminate floors and other surfaces you might need to invest in a good quality bleach. This cleaning product is a must because it works quickly to remove tough stains.

You can also use bleach to deep clean any sink as long as you make sure to use cold water when you fill it and then wash the sink thoroughly before you use it after.

For all these products that your cupboards are in desperate need of this 2017 visit System Hygiene.