It seems there are several possible origins to the habit of spring cleaning, the first of which (in no particular order) is in the Jewish community. It's said that the practice might first have stemmed from the thorough clean-up operation that happens in Jewish households in preparation for and run-up to Passover, an ancient tradition.

Another potential origin with religious roots is the tradition in Greece and other Orthodox nations to give the house a good and proper clean just before or during Lent. In fact, the first week of Lent is known by many as 'clean week' - so that could well explain our sudden desire to declutter and get that sparkle back when April comes around!

In parts of the USA, spring cleaning seems to exist for sheer convenience. The climate in these parts during spring is just warm enough to get the windows and doors open wide without being so hot that the insects have come out to play, and frequent gusts of wind help get dust out of the house.

Lastly, it's speculated that spring cleaning just might originate from even further afield. The Persian new year - or Iranian Norouz - falls on the first day of spring, and they take part in "khooneh tekouni", meaning "shaking the house", which must take some serious elbow grease!

We're almost on the other side of spring now, but if you still haven't gotten your spring clean out of the way, make sure you look at our website for everything you'll need to get the job done well. Whether you're cleaning the house or a place of work, we've got you covered. Happy cleaning!