Spring Cleaning

With the daffodils in full bloom, the sun finally shining and spring in full bloom it is the perfect time to spring clean your workplace.

This might sound like a tedious chore but cleaning your workplace can improve productivity, reduce stress levels and leave your work environment with a fresh lease of life.

Before you start rifling through your desk draws, wondering what to clean first or how to go about such a big task, here at System Hygiene we have put together a guide for spring cleaning your workplace this year. From dusting equipment and window cleaning equipment to carpet cleaners and bleach, it’s time for you to get spring cleaning your workplace:

Why Deep Cleaning Is Important?

It has been said that the office is one of the dirtiest places to work in. Along with hospitals, schools, nurseries and construction sites these workplaces attract germs, dirt and illness because of the numbers of people visiting them each day.

This means over the course of the year your workspace might be in desperate need of a deep cleaning. This deep cleaning will remove any tough stains, get rid of germs and improve your office environment. It has even been said that a clean working environment can improve productivity.

Which Products Do You Need?

For the best results you need to start from the floor and work your way up, literally!

Carpet Cleaner

Our range of carpet cleaners include a Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo with contains an active foam which suspends dirt away from the carpet. Once the dirt is suspended it dries so that it forms a layer on non-sticky powder which can easily be vacuumed off. This saves you time and means there is no need for you to have to scrub at the carpet to get all the dirt out.

Dusters and Polish

After your carpet looks and smells fantastic you should move onto the furniture. For this you should take the time to de-clutter before you clean.

Once tidied make sure you dust every inch of the furniture from desk tops to the inside of draws to the top of wardrobes. The more you put into cleaning now the longer you will be able to reap the benefits.

Disinfectants and Bleaches

With the dusting done, the carpet sparkling and you finally getting into the swing of cleaning you can opt for a disinfectant and bleach to tackle tough stains. These work well for grime on taps and in sinks as well as tiles or surface tops. We would suggest Domestos and Evans as brands that are worthwhile investing in.

Bleach the sink, wipe down all surfaces and then make sure to also deep clean services that might not normally get cleaned like the insides of cupboards, fridges and computer keyboards.

All that is left to do now is get cleaning with a little help from System Hygiene.