Removing Stubborn Stains in your Kitchen

When it comes to stubborn stains in your home, your kitchen is one of the main culprits with burnt on food being one of the hardest things to remove, amongst other stains including oil stains and grease that can accumulate on the walls and even the floor. If you are looking for some of the best products to effectively remove these stains, System Hygiene stock a wide range of cleaning products that are perfect for removing stubborn stains in your kitchen.

 Stubborn Kitchen Stains

Oil & Grease Stains

Cooking in your kitchen is always going to result in oil splashes on surfaces, on the oven and even walls. Removing oil stains doesn’t have to be difficult, and with the right product it can be made even easier. Degreasers are fast-acting cleansers that work to remove stubborn dirt and grime. The range of versatile cleaners that we have in stock here at System Hygiene are perfect for use on most surfaces, including cooker hobs as well as deep fat fryers as it easily emulsifies cooking oil.

Burnt on Food

One of the most stubborn stains in your kitchen is often the burnt on food that you will find that is cooked in to the inside of your oven, on the hob and on baking trays. To remove this, an effective oven cleaner is often required, alongside the use of a scouring pad and a kitchen cloth.

Removing burnt food off your crockery will require a different kind of cleaner, one of the best things you can do is use hot water to soften the burnt on food to allow it to become easier to remove with a simple washing up liquid. If you have a dishwasher, it becomes even easier to get rid of these stains on an intense wash with the right detergent.

Stubborn stains in the kitchen can make the environment that you are preparing food in appear to be dirtier than it is. Keeping your kitchen free of stains will help you create an environment for you to cook in that you know is germ-free, shop System Hygiene’s range of kitchen cleaning products today.