Preparing Your Home For Winter!


 Shovelling Snow


At this time of year, there are a few things you should be doing to prepare the environment around you for the cold weather, we recently published a post about janitorial supplies that you need in your office, but what about around your home? Here, we go through a few of the ways you should be preparing your home for winter.


Here at System Hygiene, we understand the importance of acclimatising to the weather and ensuring you have the products in your arsenal to prepare you for the worst; with these products and tips you can make sure you are well prepared for the elements in your home.


Boiler Maintenance

When your boiler has been in minimal use for most of the year it’s a good idea to get it checked out before it is put back into proper use. A boiler that hasn’t been maintained properly can cause it not to work efficiently, causing your bills to go up.


Rock Salt

If you have paths leading to your front door, or a driveway, or even just the area in front of your home, this will need clearing of any snow and ice over the winter months when the temperature dips.


Rock salt is an important product to invest in at this time of year; from everyday brown rock salt to the more hygienic white rock salt, which works to leave less of a residue behind.  



Getting up in the morning is a struggle at this time of year, and the dread that fills us of having to defrost our cars just to set off to work. Investing in a quality de-icing product and scraper will save you time as well as saving you from being in the cold for too long! Shop our range of de-icing products now.


Clear Your Gutters

The last thing that you want is your gutters getting clogged up and full of debris, this can cause a lot of problems over the colder months and be quite a dangerous problem to try and fix when it is cold outside.


We have a number of products that will assist you with preparing your home for winter, including buckets, snow shovels, cleaning products and specialist de-icing and protection supplies; shop the range at System Hygiene today.