Keep Calm It's Here

It's finally here! System Hygiene's brand new fully interactive website is live! System Hygiene are one of the largest independent janitorial suppliers in the North of England, specialising in washroom products, janitorial supplies, cleaning goods and hygiene products. Our aim is to make this website your only online resource for cleaning products. Through months of development we have taken the template of our old website and transformed it, taking all of the good features from the old website, ditching the bad features and developing some brand new ones to make the website better than it ever has been before.

One of the major stumbling blocks we have with the old site was the interactivity and link between our backend system here at System hygiene HQ. Now with the help of OGL, the new site is totally integrated with ProfitPlus. But what does that mean for you? Well all existing System Hygiene customers will now have total access to all of their previous orders placed with System Hygiene whether it was placed online or not, see your account balances and credit limits in realtime, download copy invoices and copy statements directly from the website. You will now also be able to see your full product history for the past twelve months, this allows you to see how many of certain items you have bought, how much you have spent on certain items and when the last time you ordered a certain item was. You will now also be able to download a bespoke price list from the website that features any special pricing you may have with ourselves. We have also integrated a product wishlist into the mix, so if you see anything whilst you are browsing and what to go back to it later, you can add it to your wishlist for any future orders.

We have streamlined the checkout process and introduced a one page checkout, meaning no more endless pages of info before you can click that submit button. The VAT exemption rule is back and again has been streamlined to make things simpler, so if you are VAT exempt for any medical reason on any of the products, you can enter this info quickly and easily, allowing you to get on with the rest of your order.

We hope you enjoy using our new website, and our new features, and whats more, we would love your feedback. Is there any feature you would like seeing added to the website? Any products which you feel would enhance our range? Let us know at [email protected].