Must Have Cleaning Products for A Cleaner Office

The average person spends a minimum of 8 hours in the office per day, so that’s around 40 hours per week and that’s assuming people arrive at 9am and leave at 5pm which is no longer the case, as people seem to work longer hours all the time.

In the same way as we want our homes to be clean it is important that the workplace is kept clean as well. Cleanliness of the workplace can have a direct implication on the health of the workforce so it is important to make sure the office is kept clean and that means making sure that you have the right cleaning products to make a good job of it. There are some cleaning products that should be right at the top of your list when it comes to making a cleaner office for your employees.

Vacuum Cleaner

Most office spaces have carpeted floors, if not over the full office then at least in the main parts. Your floor will be subjected to a lot of traffic during the working day so it is understandable that it will need cleaning regularly. But this is not the only reason you need a good vacuum cleaner for your office. Regularly cleaning your carpet can also help protect it from damage, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Furniture Cleaning Products

Offices are filled with furniture, all those surfaces that gather dust and will need cleaning on a regular basis. There are also the areas that people come into contact with the most, like desk surfaces where hot drinks can dribble and lunches might be eaten You will definitely need to include these surfaces in your cleaning routine. Make sure that you get the right sort of cleaning products for the surfaces you need to clean, if there are multiple surfaces types you may want a selection of products.

Bin Bags and Liners

Don’t forget to purchase a good supply of sturdy bin bags to help remove all that rubbish from an office at the end of each day. Bin liners can be helpful for the smaller bins dotted around the office, not only do they make it easier to remove the rubbish quickly and efficiently but they can also protect the inside of the bin from sticky food and drink residue, removing the need to clean the inside of the bin itself on a frequent basis.

Now you know what you’ll need to get the job done right, there can be no excuse not to have a perfectly clean and tidy office!

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