Photograph of baby feet inside heart shaped hand for blog article about nursery hygiene


Keeping the environment clean and sterile

Baby changing tables and mats are important. Some parents will choose to use the table and others might prefer a changing mat if it's available, but these facilities keep babies away from floors which will help them to stay clean and will also help your floors to stay clean as well. You might provide disposable mats that can be used once and then thrown away, but if not then remember to wipe the mats clean frequently with sterilising wipes. Sterilising wipes can also be used to wipe over other surfaces, but should not be the only cleaning equipment that you use. Also use washroom cleaners and remember to use different cloths - colour coded, for ease - for cleaning floors, walls, toilets and baby changing tables.


Nappies and baby wipes

Parents will be particularly impressed if you provide baby wipes and nappies, so that they don't need to look through their bags for their own or worry if they've forgotten their changing bag. You might also want to include a hygienic nappy bin, as these are the safest and easiest way to dispose of used nappies without them causing a smell. Sangenic bins need to be refilled with new cassettes regularly as part of your baby changing room cleaning regime.


Cleaning the room

The rest of the baby changing room, including the sink and toilet, can be cleaned with your usual washroom cleaning supplies. When cleaning baby changing facilities, always put up safety signs and temporarily close your changing room until the cleaning has been done. Baby changing facilities will need to be checked regularly, to ensure that old nappies have not been left out. Automatic air fresheners can also be included to keep your baby changing facilities smelling as clean as they really are.