How To Keep Your Office Clean and Germ Free This Winter


That dreaded time of year is upon us, when the office place becomes a breeding ground for coughing, sniffling, flu-like symptoms. This is the season when it is more important than ever to ensure the office environment is clean and sanitary, and that the battle against germs is in full swing.

Discussed below are helpful tips to keep the office clean and germ free throughout the winter season, helping your employees stay as healthy as possible, and ensuring productivity remains high.

Good Hygiene

Ensuring anyone who spends time in the office is using good hygiene practices is very important, especially during the winter season. Ample antibacterial soap should be available at all sinks, with employees washing hands before moving into a new area to minimise the spread of germs. Cleaning and sanitising alone is not enough if the employees are not being hygienic.

Special Attention to High Traffic Areas

When cleaning the office it is crucial to pay special attention to especially high traffic areas, that sometimes don't get much thought during cleaning. Door handles, telephone receivers, keyboards and electronic devices see a lot of hands, many dirty and covered with germs. Be sure to disinfect all of these areas and items thoroughly and regularly.

Bathroom spaces especially need to be deeply cleaned often as this is a breeding ground for germs, and is somewhere that all employees in the office frequent.


You may think you are in the clear as far as de-germing goes if you are careful about disinfecting, however that alone is not enough. Dust carries grime and germs, so it is important to ensure not a lot is sitting about. Dust using a disinfectant solution to not only make the space cleaner, and improve overall air quality but also reduce the amount of germs in the environment.

Key areas in the office tend to accumulate a lot of dust, so be sure to pay attention to any fan blades, lighting fixtures, windows and under furniture.

The Floors

A key area to maintaining a healthy workplace is the floors. Especially during winter when so much dirt and debris can be tracked in from outdoors. Floors need to be mopped, as well as dry mopped to ensure no puddles of dirty water are left standing and germs are wiped away.

It is also an ideal time of the year to deep clean any carpeting, removing dirt, germs and other pollutants from the fibres to keep things sanitary and healthy. It may be a good idea for employees to have separate footwear for indoors to protect the flooring and keep moisture to a minimum.

Personal Sanitation

Employees have to accept a certain amount of personal responsibility for the health and cleanliness of the office as well. There are many products available to help maintain a germ free workspace, such as disinfectant wipes, hand sanitisers and things of this nature that should be used several times a day to keep immediate surroundings clean. Constantly wiping down workspaces, telephones, and office equipment will keep germ levels low and help to fight off some of the debilitating and time consuming illnesses that so often get passed around the office.

Air Quality

Indoor air can carry up to 5 times the amount of pollutants as outdoor air, and that can be a big factor in keeping employees healthy. Air is continuously circulated through the office, making it critical that it is kept clean and healthy, this is done by having HVAC systems properly cleaned and maintained, filters changed regularly and implementing a few plants into the office decor.

Keeping the office clean and healthy is important all year round, but especially so in the winter. Whether you choose to hire professionals to do the job, or take on the challenge yourself being thorough and meticulous, as well as using high quality products will benefit everybody working in the space, minimising the spread of germs and illnesses throughout the winter season. Turning to a professional company that provides high quality cleaning products, such as System Hygiene, can ensure your office remains clean this season.