Keep Your Hotel Well-Stocked with the Best Complimentary Products 


If you work in the hospitality industry, you’ll already know how important it is to maintain a high level of friendliness and great customer service, but what about hygiene levels? As a hotel, delivering a good first impression is crucial to your success and many guests will judge their first impression off the general cleanliness of your rooms and communal areas.


From the sinks in the bedroom to the dining tables, customers will notice how clean your hotel is and this can hugely affect their experience of staying with you. One way of ensuring your hotel or guest house looks its best is to keep your cupboards stocked up with the right cleaning products at all times; this way you won’t be caught short!



Keeping your hotel clean  


Each area of your hotel is going to need a regular clean; this is a given! It’s important that you make sure you are stocked up with cleaning products to get the job done; here at System Hygiene, you can buy a lot of our products in bulk!


One of the main pieces of equipment that you may find useful is a housekeeping trolley. Allowing you, or your cleaning team, to move from room to room easily is a crucial step in keeping everything in top condition.



Providing good quality complimentary products  


Another way of ensuring your guests have a positive stay with you is to provide quality products for them to use. Demonstrating that hygiene and cleanliness is at the top of your list, make sure each guest room has complimentary products such as bath and shower gel and shampoo. While many guests have come to expect this in their room, it’s still an important factor to consider. 


In any hotel, it is the little things and the attention to detail that will remain in customers’ minds. Printed bathmats will provide an extra touch and fit in with any décor seamlessly. Likewise, adding other extras in your guests’ rooms such as shoe shine cloths will show that you’ve put in a bit of thought to their stay! 


Ensuring you put in the effort to decking out your hotel rooms with top quality products will make a bigger difference than you think. The likes of terry cotton towels and decent sized mirrors will all help towards your customers enjoying their stay. 


Putting that little bit more thought into the way you kit out your hotel rooms and bathrooms, and cleaning them regularly as you should, will all contribute to the success of your hotel! 


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