is bleach safe for children pic of bleach in kitchen


Many households around the world use bleach to disinfect surfaces and other household items and to remove stains, but the results of the survey - amongst parents of over 9,100 children in Spain, Finland and the Netherlands - showed that rates of certain illnesses were higher amongst children whose parents regularly use bleach as a cleaning agent.

In the study, the use of bleach in the household was linked with increased rates of tonsillitis, influenza, bronchitis and other infections. During the survey, parents were asked how often in the last year their children had suffered from the above infections. They were also asked whether their homes were affected by mould, and were surveyed on whether they used bleach to clean any area of their home at least one per week.

The results of the survey showed a link between the use of bleach and these infections: children living in households that use bleach were 20% more at risk of flu, had a 35% higher risk of recurring tonsillitis and an 18% higher risk of developing any recurring infection.

The team who conducted the research have stated that this was an observational study, meaning that it could either be bleach use or other factors that caused this increased risk of infection. However, they have also given two suggestions as to how bleach could have a part to play: it could either be involved in suppressing the immune system, or could feature compounds that become airborne during the cleaning process, with these compounds potentially damaging the lining of the lungs. More research is needed to understand exactly whether or not there is a link between the two.

While there is, as yet, no confirmation that there is a link between the use of bleach and recurrent infections in children, some parents may choose to use cleaning products that include no bleach - with a number of such products available to purchase from our website.

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