1. Vacuum your office carpets on a weekly basis


If you vacuum or sweep the surface of your office carpets every week, you can prevent the build-up of crumbs, scraps of paper and general debris. By removing this dust and dirt before it has a chance to become deeply ingrained within the carpet fibres, you can increase the lifespan of your office flooring and keep it looking fresh and new for as long as possible!


2. Create "safe" areas within the workplace


Drink spills and food crumbs are some of the worst culprits for contaminating office carpets. Fortunately, there is a simple yet highly effective method that you can implement to resolve this dilemma - "safe areas". By allocating these designated areas within the workplace where you and your staff are allowed to prepare and eat food, such as break rooms or office kitchens, you can isolate potential spills and stains to a small concentrated area. Moreover, if you then furnish these "safe areas" with hardwood flooring or linoleum as opposed to carpet, you can quickly and effortlessly wipe away any spills before they have a chance to leave a stain.


3. Schedule monthly deep cleans


Despite you and your employees' best intentions, stubborn spills and stains can develop within carpet fibres, and ordinary vacuum cleaners or conventional cleaning products will not be able to remove them. To rectify this issue, it is highly recommended that you arrange for a professional cleaner to carry out monthly deep cleans on all your workplace carpets. By doing so, you can rest assured that your office flooring will be hygienically maintained by certified specialists who will expertly devise and apply fast acting, highly efficient solutions with industry-exclusive cleaning products.