Given just how many teams there are in the UK that offer this service, however, picking the right one for you can be tricky. This is an important job, so you don’t want to just contract it out to anybody. With that in mind, here are four key tips to getting the right janitorial service for your business.

Start with quotes

Doing a search of the janitorial services in your area shouldn’t be too hard. Once you have a few numbers, start requesting quotes. Any good cleaner will want to have a look at what the job entails before they give you a price, so they may visit your office to get a feel of the place. Be sure you check what services the quote includes too.

If you have to pick between two, go with experience

Once you have your quotes and references collected, you may have to choose between two or three cleaners that are similarly priced with the same set of services. If this is the case, the tie-breaker should always be experience. The longer a cleaning service has been around, the better able it should be to handle any problem your workplace might throw at it.

Check their insurance

By check we don’t just mean ask the cleaning service if they have insurance, but actually get a copy of their policy and read through what it covers. If they aren’t adequately protected, you could be liable should they injure themselves on your premises.

Read before you sign

That may sound obvious but you’d be amazed how many people don’t read through the entirety of the contract before putting pen to paper. While it is only fair that the cleaning service asks you to sign up for a long period of time, you should ask to start with a one or two week trial to make sure they fit the bill.

Here at System Hygiene, we know the cleaning industry inside-out as we have been supplying it with high quality cleaning products for years. So take our advice and make sure you get the best service for you. Also, if you’re in need of any equipment or cleaning agents, check out our catalogue.