How To Choose The Right Cleaning Cloth!


At System Hygiene, we stock an extensive range of products, meaning we can cater for budgets of any size and help you find the right products for the task at hand. We understand the importance of advising our customers and helping them find the right product for their cleaning requirements, and that is why with our expertise you can discover which cleaning cloth is right for the job.


Whether you are a seasoned professional cleaner, or you are just looking to have a spring clean of your home, there are a number of products you can choose from our extensive catalogue or products to assist you in completing your job efficiently and effectively. You might not realise, but by utilising the right cloth for the task at hand you can improve the effectiveness of your task.

 Cleaning Cloths


We know a good workman never blames his tools, but when it comes to cleaning if you are using the wrong materials it will become apparent fairly quickly that either the way you are working is becoming harder work than it should be, or as you look back on the job you have undertaken, you might notice smears and that you have not done as good of a job as you thought you had.


Which Cloth?

From Microfiber cloths, to scouring pads and jay cloths there are a number of different cloths all of which can bring you benefits to different aspects of your cleaning job. Recently, we detailed the benefits of utilising microfiber cloths for cleaning, showing you how it can transform the ways that you carry out your cleaning tasks becoming an effective tool for your cleaning efforts, microfiber cloths can be adapted to most jobs, as they can be used on most surfaces to effectively remove dirt, being one of the more universal types of cleaning cloths!


However, when it comes to tougher stains, such as the ones you may find on your pots and pans or the oven hob, a scouring pad might be the answer to your problem. A scouring pad will restore their shine and remove stains including burnt on food, but can’t be used on all surfaces! If you have come across stubborn marks across your walls or floors, including scuff marks from shoes or pen marks on work tops these can be effectively removed by using a Vileda Miraclean White sponge, having been specifically designed to effectively remove these kinds of annoying marks that even the most seasoned professional might find tricky to get out!


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