First and foremost, recycling must be easy. People won't go out of their way to recycle a plastic container, they are more likely to throw it in a nearby bin. Here are three ways to make recycling as easy as possible:


1) Make everyone aware that you have recycling facilities available. If people do not know about these facilities, they are more likely to put their rubbish in generic bins.


2) Colour coding makes sorting rubbish much easier. It also makes it less likely that an individual looking to recycle plastic gets to the bin, only to be informed by a small-print label that the bin is for cardboard only. We have a selection of coloured containers available to order which would be perfectly suited to this. Furthermore, clear bags should be used for recycling, to enable misplaced trash to be spotted, while black bin bags should be used for general waste.


3) Think about location - where is the most likely place for certain things to be thrown away? Next to a printer is an ideal location for paper recycling bins, whilst cardboard and plastic will be thrown away near where people eat lunch.


We also recommend that organisations stop providing individuals with desk-side or under desk bins which take general waste, making it more difficult to dispose of recyclables incorrectly. This relates back to the convenience point made above. If you make it less convenient to throw recyclables away in bins for general trash, the impact on recycling rates can be significant. Have a look at our online store today to pick out your new colour coded bins and bin bags, or if you simply need a greater number of containers to make recycling more convenient, we're happy to help!