Here are just a few to look out for and to take extra care with when it comes to cleaning:

1. Kitchen sponges

Does anybody take responsibility for cleaning the sponges in the office sink? If not, then those sponges clean up as much mess in a day as your home sponge will in weeks. If they sit there overnight, then they will literally be dripping with bacteria.

It’s easy to overlook cleaning the sponges, but if you do, someone will pay the price sooner rather than later.

2. Lift buttons

Just imagine how many people use the lift every single day. Countless people touch the buttons and the law of averages says that at least a few of them are carrying some form of infectious disease.

The lift isn’t often cleaned that thoroughly, so this is a real hotspot for germs and next time you’re in there you might want to wear protective gloves.

3. Welcome mats and carpets

As we enter the building, we always bring a little of the outside world with us. Civilised people scrape the detritus from their shoes on the welcome mat, but there is no way that a vacuum cleaner will pick everything up.

These mats and entrance carpets are always a hot zone for germs and in some places they should come with a health warning.

4. Conference room phones

We rarely share phones these days, but if your workplace has a conference or meeting room then the chances are that each mouthpiece is handled by a number of people on a daily basis. It won’t be anywhere near as bad as the lift buttons, but then you don’t put those buttons to your mouth.

Give the phone a quick wipe if you want to be cautious.

5. Toilet door handle

You might wash your hands religiously after using the facilities, but not everybody follows your shining example. Of course the handle should be cleaned on a daily basis, but even if it is then there are still an awful lot of people touching it before you get there.