Garage Owners


A new survey conducted by skin care experts, Swarfega has found that over a third of mechanics wash their hands over ten times a day. However, garage owners could be washing up to £1000 a year down the drain if they use a traditional bulk bucket hand cleaner.


Swarfega’s research has showed that the average size of bulk product used by mechanics to wash their hands is 40ml. However, of this 40ml of product, up to 80% of the cleaner gets washed down the plug hole without making sufficient contact with the mechanics’ hands or removing any dirt. With employees washing their hands so often, workforce hygiene could soon become a costly overhead.


By switching to a wall-mounted dispenser and undertaking a few simple cleaning routine changes garage owners could save up to 65% on their skin care costs. According to Swarfega, correctly using a dispenser can deliver over 500 more hand washes than the average 15 litre bucket. This is equal to an annual saving of up to £1000 for a garage employing five mechanics, all washing their hands ten times a day.


Educating employees on the most effective cleaning routines or changing the strength of cleanser used can both have an effect on reducing costs. While everyone knows how to wash their hands they may not be carrying out the most efficient method to maximise the cleaning product there are using.


Chris Brooks, Technical Product Manager at Swarfega, commented: “Using a dispensing system and not a traditional bulk bucket product can help to make significant savings. A simple change in cleaning routine could also see better results and reduce the required amount of cleanser used.


“So, while the cost of a four litre canister is deemed to be expensive when compared to a 15 litre bucket of the same product, the actual cost savings are clear when used correctly. The average shot size of 4.5ml from a wall-mounted dispenser, such as Swarfega’s cartridge system offers no wastage and delivers the same cleaning results.”


System Hygiene offers a host of cost-effective products suitable for workshop applications. Wall mounted dispensers are ideal for delivering consistent dosages of the exact amount of cleanser required to do the job. These include dispensers from GOJO and PURELL,as well as System Hygiene's own brand. Please speak with your rep about free dispensers and soap refills from Deb and other leading brands. 


The following four step hand cleaning process is designed to help garages’ employees achieve a more effective wash and make the hand cleanser go that little bit further.


1. Apply cleanser to dry hands, pushing button once!
2. Rub hands together spreading cleanser evenly over both hands
3. Add a few drops of water and continue rubbing hands together
4. Rinse well and dry thoroughly


Help or advice with your workshop hand hygiene options? Please speak with your System Hygiene representative or call our friendly customer service team on 01282 777999 Monday to Friday, 8am-5.30pm. Thank you.