messy office ripe for a spring clean


1. You’re too afraid to look under the furniture

Can you see bits of paper poking underneath the bottom of some tables? Are big clogs of dust sitting menacingly under your desk? Too scared to find the pen you’ve just dropped because of what lies beneath? If so, it’s time for a seriously drastic hoovering.


2. Your desks have been decorated by coffee cups

A few bits of paper sitting on a desk is one thing. But when they’re hiding something lying beneath, it’s another story. The odd coffee mark here and there might be easy to overlook, but when stains from a teacup have decimated a smooth pine surface, embark on a thorough surface clean. Oh, and buy some coasters, too.


3. Half the Amazon rainforest has regrown in your office

Even in today’s digital age, sometimes we still need to print things off. However, when paper skyscrapers start forming across the office, urgent action is required. Key signs your office has been besieged by paper: an ever-increasing paper bill; a lack of natural light caused by paper towers; and an abject void of desk space.


4. The kitchen has turned into a warzone

The office kitchen should be a place of pride for employees. Yet the place where we keep our food and make our coffee is all too often the least desirable space in the entire building. From bad smells and stained worktops, to dirty cupboards and crumbs in the corners, make sure the kitchen is the first port of call on your cleaning quest.


5. Your office is stuck in a cable jungle

As time goes by, the amount of cabling in an office is only likely to increase. But if your office has more cables than a suspension bridge, it’s important you keep things looking tidy. As well as just looking messy, tangled cables can provide a real health risk in terms of people tripping over. So be sure to prioritise cleaning up your cables.


However wild your workspace looks, you'll find our System Hygiene representatives can offer the perfect starting point for tips, techniques and products for transforming your jungle into a hygienically clean and fresh smelling paradise. We also offer free site surveys and training on a wide range range of cleaning products and machines.  Please speak with your System Hygiene representative or call our friendly customer service team on 01282 777999 Monday to Friday, 8am-5.30pm. Thank you.