System Hygiene Catalogue


You may have noticed that we ditched the plastic wrapping on our catalogues. Single use plastic is a hot topic and it worries us as much as it does our customers. 


The wrapping we used protected the catalogue on its journey from the printer to your door. It was light, clear and strong. Your catalogue arrived clean and intact. We really liked that. But we didn’t like the potential environmental impact of those plastic wrappers not being recycled. 


Customers told us that there were so many rules of what, where and how to recycle plastics that they were confused about what to do with our catalogue wrappers.  


So we decided to give plastic the push. It was the right thing to do. But it was a complex issue - exploring all the options of compostable wrappers, wraparound covers and biodegradable envelopes was time consuming and there were so many conflicting opinions to wade through. 


In the light of Blue Planet II and the Drowning in Plastic television series, the reaction of customers in particular to receiving plastic-wrapped items is increasingly negative, recyclable or not. It was little wonder that many wanted a more planet-friendly alternative. 


In the end, we trialled the ‘naked’ distribution option - mailing our new catalogues without any wrapping, outer sheets or envelopes. It worked brilliantly. The test catalogues arrived clean and in one piece. We were delighted that we could  maintain the high standards of service that our customers are used to whilst doing our bit for the environment. 


We are indebted to our printers and mailing partners, PrintloftWalstead and First Mailing, without whose guidance and encouragement we may not have taken our first steps to a greener catalogue that we, you and our planet can be proud of.


Why not join us on our green journey by choosing eco-friendly paper consumableseco-friendly catering disposables, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and more? Speak with your System Hygiene representative or call us on 01282 777999 for advice or product samples. Thank you.