The first thing you notice when you arrive is that the glass doors at the front of the building are greasy and too cloudy to see through properly. Once inside the reception area, you spot several stains on the laminate flooring and a couple of dying plants. After being ushered into the office belonging to the head of sales, your eyes are drawn to an overflowing bin and three dirty mugs.

As you wait for the meeting to start you see that half a sandwich is sat festering on the corner of the desk, while the other half appears to have been crumbled into the computer's keyboard. You rest your hand on the arm of your chair and grimace as you realise it's sticky.

How are you feeling about the prospective deal now?

First impressions really are important and if your office environment is not clean enough then there will be many people who fear your services or products aren't good enough either. Maintaining a high standard of housekeeping may seem like a minor issue compared with the daily demands of running your business, but others will often consider it an indicator of the bigger picture.

If you can’t be bothered to clean properly, can you be bothered to pay attention to the finer detail of an order? If you can’t manage to implement a cleaning programme in your own office, will you be able to deliver an external project? If you have poor standards of hygiene, do you have poor standards in general?

System Hygiene stocks a wide variety of cleaning solutions in ranges to suit all budgets and sites.

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