Cleaning Trends For 2017


At System Hygiene we’re looking forward to 2017 and what it has instore for the cleaning industry. Here, we take a look at a few of the latest cleaning trends for the upcoming year!

 Cleaning 2017

Green and Sustainable Cleaning

Increasingly consumers are worried about what happens once the cleaning is over and the bucket has gone down the drain. As the increasing trends towards veganism and ethical shopping also indicate, consumers are often also worried about the whole product life cycle from manufacture to disposal. Green cleaning products are already popular and sustainable cleaning is going to be popular over the next few years.


Community Partnerships

Following on from consumer concerns about sustainability and environmental impact, consumers are increasingly looking for companies that actively give back to the community. Brands that have partnerships with charities or that run community focussed promotions are likely to succeed.


Ease of Use

Consumers want showroom perfect cleaning without hours of hard labour. Cleaning wipes look set to continue in popularity. Consumers also like the idea that one product can do multiple jobs. Multi-surface wipes, 5 in 1 dishwasher tables and laundry gels with added fabric conditioner are examples of products that look to be increasing in popularity.



Products will need to stand out in the increasingly crowded marketplace. Consumers will be looking for novel products that improve their cleaning experience and whilst some will be choosing based on attractive packaging and fragrance others will be looking for utilitarian, fragrance-free products, believing them to be more effective at removing dirt.

Internet of Things

As more and more establishments have Wi-Fi networks the next big innovation in commercial cleaning will be using Wi-Fi enabled equipment to target cleaning. Imagine if your toilet roll or soap dispensers could alert your staff when they were empty? Or if the floor could complain it was wet? This isn't science fiction; it's the Internet of Things. Smart devices, connected by Wi-Fi can monitor their own status and report back to a central system.


Augmented reality

Finally, another prediction is that augmented reality – using a smartphone or tablet to overlay graphics onto the surroundings – will start to be used in cleaning equipment. The user will be guided in how to use or service the equipment and there is the potential to improve efficiency by guiding the user whilst they clean thus eliminating forever those “missed bits”.

With all these exciting innovations in development, it looks likely that cleaning will become something that gets even easier as technology moves on.