Businesses are prone to spreading colds, viruses and other illnesses especially when based in an office environment. This is because people are spending all day every day together and germs tend to migrate more easily.

There are other locations in which germs can be spread easily such as hospitals, factories and community groups when people are working in close contact at all times.

Make sure that this year, you and your business have the right cleaning products on hand:


Cleaning To Reduce The Spread Of Disease


Especially in hospitals, reducing the spread of germs is essential. This means providing hand sanitisers, and methods of cleaning your hands are very important.

Make sure that there is a hand sanitiser next to each door for people to use when entering and exiting. You can also get hand free soap dispensers like those from Purell.


Products To Keep The Workplace Tidy


The workplace can be a dangerous place if left untidy. In places like factories, and hospitals it is important that it is tidy as well as clean. The best thing you can do is to makes sure that all things are cleared away at the end of the day and everything is left clean.

For this you need products that are easy to use and give quick, easy results.


Improve Cleanliness Of Work Surfaces


Most people know that keyboards, computer screens and desk phones are among the most unclean appliances in the office. This is because each and every day they come into contact with people.

To ensure that these surfaces as well as desktops, brew stations and other appliances are kept clean and tidy, make sure you and your employees have on hand a range of cleaning products.

The Lotus Professional Ultra Clean Spray soap can provide you with a method of cleaning all work surfaces, removing germs and making sure that the workplace always looks presentable.

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