Christmas Girls

Christmas Quiz


Have a few minutes spare and fancy taking on our festive quiz? Let's see how much you really know about Christmas and the festive period...


1. What's the name of the period leading up to Christmas?

2. What was the name of John the Baptist's Mother?

3. Who brings presents to children in Holland on the 5th/ 6th December?

4. In what town was Jesus born?

5. How many presents were given in total in the 12 days of Christmas?

6. In what decade was the first Christmas Card sent in the UK?

7. How many of Rupdolph's eight companions names start with the letter "D"?

8. What country did Christmas Trees originate from?

9. Who was the "King of the Jews" who ordered the babies to be killed?

10. What's the second line of "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"?

11. What was Joseph's job?

12. Who started the custom of Wassailing?

13. Who were the first people to visit the baby Jesus?

14. What's lucky to find in your Christmas Pudding?

15. What Angel visited Mary?



Answers are below. Scroll down to check how well you have done.



1. Advent

2. Elizabeth

3. St. Nicholas

4. Bethlehem

5. 364

6. 1840s - 1843 by Sir Henry Cole

7. Three - Dasher, Dancer and Donner

8. Germany - it was Latvia, but it was part of Germany then.

9. King Herod

10. Just like the ones I used to know.

11. Carpenter

12. The Anglo Saxons - it means "good health".

13. Shepherds

14. A six pence

15. Gabriel