Choosing The Right Foam Soap Dispenser


For many years public restrooms used hand soap left in a bar on the side as a means of providing a cleaning agent to people when they washed their hands. This meant people could get rid of bacteria after using the toilet but it also meant that bacteria tended to collect on the bar of soap used over and over by different people.

To combat this problem the foam soap dispenser was created.


Where Are Foam Soap Dispensers A Necessity?

Opting for a bar of soap is never a bad thing but in certain locations it is overly important to have hygienic foam soap dispensers when more and more people are coming into contact with the soap.

This includes hospital bathrooms, restaurants, schools and public places in which there are many different people using the same facilities.

Having a soap dispenser such as the Purrell Hands Free Soap Dispenser means you can reduce the risk of bad bacteria spreading.


Which Foam Dispenser Is Right For Your Needs?

Unless you are looking for something that can release the soap in the shape of a flower, you are actually just looking for an easy to work soap dispenser.

Here at System Hygiene we have many different brands, sizes and purpose built foam soap dispensers.

If you are looking for something for a school or nursery that can accommodate children as well as adults then try the GOJO star white kids soap dispenser. With a playful cartoon printed on the front it helps makes the soap dispenser look less like a robot.

For hospitals and other places where you need very reliable foam soap dispensers that are built to last then you can try the GoJo Purrell Blue Hands Free Foam Soap Dispenser. This is necessary to keep germs at bay and stop bad bacteria from spreading between visitors.

For more information on all these products visit System Hygiene today.