eco friendly compostable biodegradable recyclable food packaging


Our acquisition of Double R Catering Supplies marks our commitment to a sustainable future. That’s why we are excited to develop our food packaging range - as nature intended.

We are proud to introduce environmentally-friendly alternatives to disposable cups, cutlery, food boxes and more. That means a wider choice of products that are recyclablebiodegradable and compostable.

From renewable energy, to electric cars, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental implications of the things they do and the things they buy. By making a choice as simple as switching to a sustainable disposable product, you can promote your environmental awareness and appeal to increasingly conscious staff and consumers. 


For advice on how to choose greener products for your facility, please speak with your friendly System Hygiene representative or call us today on 01282 777999.


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Paul Stebbings
General Manager