BNI Infinity Networking


Liam Havlin, System Hygiene Sales Manager, was presented with a Notable Networker Award at this week's BNI Infinity Chapter meeting.

The award recognises that Liam generated the most referrals in the month of February. Passing business referrals between members is at the heart of the BNI networking ethos. BNI members focus on building contact lists, sourcing and getting introductions to possible clients, and identifying referral partners for both themselves and other members who meet weekly at Wilpshire Golf Club, Blackburn.

The activity is very competitive within the group’s 40-plus members which include some of East Lancashire’s leading legal, financial, creative and marketing business owners.

BNI Infinity runs business breakfast meetings every Friday to help fellow members grow their businesses through advice and support on all kinds of issues affecting regional trade. If you would like to know more or would like to attend a meeting, please  call Liam on 01282 777999 or e-mail him at [email protected]