better protect it anti stain formula

Be ready for those inevitable actualities of life with Better Protect


Awww! There's nothing quite like dogs in boots.So sweet. So heartwarming. But so impractical if you want to keep your space clean!


If you need to protect your carpets and other soft furnishings against oops moments from mud, coffee, tea, wine, paint, sticky fingers, falling foodstuffs, gaffe-prone guests or wayward dogs - then maybe you had Better Protect it?


Better Protect is an anti-stain solution that shields soft furnishings with a resilient, protective barrier – perfect for carpets, rugs and upholstery. Once applied, it dries quickly to form an invisible barrier against all kinds of (unexpected) spills and accidents.


Available in a ready-to-use spray or economical 5 litre bottle, Better Protect offers brilliant peace of mind . . . before accidents happen. Find out more at our website or speak with your System Hygiene representative for information and samples. Thank you.