The Disgusting Truth About Toilets 


World Toilet Day 2017: The Disgusting Truth About Toilets

To celebrate World Toilet Day 2017 on 19th November, our friends at Cannon Hygiene wanted to share with us and you some truly horrible facts about bathroom bacteria. Are you sitting comfortably?

Whether you are armed with the latest washroom cleaning and hygiene products, or have the peace of mind that comes with a washroom maintenance contract, are you ever truly prepared for these hidden nasties . . . 

The Sneeze Effect
How far do you think 'poop particles' travel when you flush? One foot? Two feet? Surely not three? Oh, it's so much more than four. But how many?

Wall Germs
And, if you must flush with the seat up, just don't touch the walls, because you'll find germs and bacteria there from the 'aerosol' effect. But how many?

Floor in front of the toilet
One for the gentlemen, the little area in front of the loo is an active breeding ground for bacteria hundreds thriving per square inch. Exactly how many? You'll be surprised.

And we've not even touched on the hidden dangers lurking on the flush handle, hand rail, hand drying area, waste paper bin and other bacterial holiday hotspots.

Well, with the anwers so yucky, we think you should head straight over to Cannon Hygiene and weep at the facts and figures for yourself: